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Geek Wear – Chewie-Kun

Domo, Japan’s manners mascot is awesome enough on his own, but may have just created the greatest combo since peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (don’t knock it till you try it).

* Wet Wookie Scent Sold Separately

Meet the Chewie-Kun t-shirt. This 100 percent cotton brown shirt of greatness will only put you back $19.99, and is sure to bump up your rank at the weekly Star Wars fan club meeting you secretly attend at the local Fuddruckers.

Who am I kidding? Put this ode to the greatest wingman of all time on and you’ll have the ladies begging to prove that you can do the Kessel run in less then 12 parsecs.

Want a Chewie-Kun of your very own? Check out, but better act quick, the XXLs are almost gone!

ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Gags

I was going to stay away from updating the DigitalNips today because honestly, the first day of April is the worst day to be surfing technology and gaming Web sites. Prank a loved one – put saran wrap under the toilet seat, buy a fake pregnancy test, tell your parents you have aids… just trust me on this one, photoshopped screenshots and fake sequel announcements have completely warn out their welcome.

One Web site that does a decent job of keeping the April Fool’s gimmick fresh is the geekwear super store, ThinkGeek. Last year’s iCade was pure genius (and has gone into production!), so before you go looking like a moron posting bogus product links on your FaceBook and Twitter, I thought I do a quick recap separating the fake from the fun.


ThinkGeek’s Super 3DBoy is probably the least inspired of the bunch, relying heavily on Nintendo’s popular Virtual Boy punchline. Promising to bring eye-popping 3D visuals to your iPhone, the 3DBoy is really just a view master with a iPhone slot on the front… now where have we’ve seen that before? Maybe an oversized iPad version would have had a better visual funny factor.

OriginalityD for been there, Done that.

* - Superiority Complex Not Included.

My favorite of the bunch, ThinkGeek’s PlayMobil Apple Store playset is particularly funny f you have ever found yourself in the cluster fuck that is known as Apple’s premier retail experience. This diorama captures the “magic” that is the Apple store perfectly, right down to the line outside the front featuring a bonus Woz and Segway.

Launch Line Set

But wait, there’s more! The pretend playset also includes a penthouse keynote suite with a bonus post pancreatic cancer Steve Jobs ready to stream the latest Apple media briefing live from your very own iPhone.

ThnkGeek even made a spot on parody commercial announcing the PlayMobil Apple playset – enjoy!

Originality –  A for Asshole blue shirt associates.


Insert Deep Throat Joke Here

If I was to pick one ThinkGeek April Fools joke this year that I would actually buy it would be the above pictured Star Wars Light Saber frozen ice pop making kit.

The proposed kit includes four saber hilts, each with a light inside to illuminate the inside of your frozen treat. Here’s a short video showing the galaxy’s number one pitch man Lord Vader,  selling is tasty treats to unsuspecting overheated kids.

ThinkGeek, engage! Oh wait, wrong Star reference…

OriginalityA for completely Awesome.


The last ThinkGeek April Fool’s gag I’ll cover is this green colored hypothetical bag of pork rind snacks. Capitalizing on this generations Pac-Man, I honestly wouldn’t be surprise to see this farce come to fruition given the fact that Angry Birds developers seem to be happy with putting their iconic pigs and birds on just about every merchandisable item available.

OriginalityW for Whored out.

You can check out the rest of ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s warez by clicking the following link. If you end up finding any real ThinkGeek products in your shopping cart don’t forget to use the code 1FBB for $10 any purchase of $50 or more!

The Top 5 Star Wars Miis (3DS Edition)

The launch lineup wasn’t spectacular, it may give you headaches after extended play periods, but despite it’s shortcomings the Nintendo 3DS has launched here in the US and I’m having a blast tinkering with mine.

One unexpected treat has been the Mii Maker channel; a defining moment during the Wii’s initial launch cycle, creating Miis is still a fun diversion, and thanks to the 3DS’s QR code system, it’s never been easier to share your creations!

With that, I present to you the DigitalNipples Top 5 Star Wars Miis – complete with QR codes so you can import our creations right into your 3DS! (Just click any of the pictures to get a large scan-friendly version)


Insert Wookie Roar

Lando Calrissan

LL Cool L = Ladies Love Cool Lando


Golden Rod

Storm Trooper

He's a little short for a Storm Trooper

Admiral Ackbar

It's a trap!

Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3DS Bound?

Factor 5 recently updated their company history page, teasing the fact that they have at least one project in the works for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Web site reads:

“These were a direct result of a more than decade-long close collaboration between Factor 5’s founders and Nintendo in hardware, OS, and tool development, starting with the Nintendo 64 and continuing with the GameCube, Wii, and 3DS.”

Hoth in 3D? Maybe.

Ok, so it’s a stretch to assume that Factor 5’s next project is another chapter in the Nintendo exclusive Rogue Squadron franchise, but a wookie loving Star Wars fan boy can dream.

One thing we can confirm is that Factor 5’s first Nintendo 3DS project won’t be Rouge Squadron – a bohemian third person dance simulation based on the cult classic, Moulin Rouge… Or is it?

Can You Can-Can?

Do you have a Nintendo 3DS dream game? If so, share your thoughts below in our comment section! Kirby’s Dream Course 3DS anyone?

Sheen Wars – Episode Winning

Warlocks, vatican assassins, and smoking hotties,

We present to you the only Charlie Sheen video that counts.

Prepare to be Dissapointed… Again.

Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox announced this morning the theatrical release date for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D – February 10, 2012.

We first reported on the 3D rereleases of the Star Wars films back in September, and if all goes to plan we’ll see one 3D Star Wars release each year. ILM is handling the 3D remaster, and there’s no word yet on if there will be any edits on any of the films (crossing my fingers for a CG Jake Lloyd).

DigitalNips of the Week – Carrie Fisher

We’re going old school for this edition of DigitalNips of the Week. This week’s temptress has created more pre-pubescent wood then the entire Ewok infested moon of Endor. That’s right, our featured DigitalNips girl is none other than Star Wars hottie, Carrie Fisher.

Carrie’s first appearance on the silver screen was in the 1975 comedy Shampoo, but it wouldn’t be until two years later that she would become every teenage boy’s wet dream fodder as Princess Leia Organa in the sci-fi classic Star Wars.

Insert "Aren't You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper" Joke Here

Carrie Fisher has had a successful career as both an actress and writer but she’ll be forever etched in our heads as Jabba the Hutt’s play thing and everyone’s favorite action figure – Slave Leia.

Jergens Owes Fisher Millions for this Picture Alone

You can check out Carrie’s daily musings on Twitter or at her web site Check back next week for another edition of the DigitalNips of the Week… here’s a hint – its Britney b#$ch!

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