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Child of Eden 3D? Yes, Please!

IGN updated this weekend with a tasty bit of 3D news – Tetsuya Mizuguchi, father of Rez, Space Channel 5 and all things cool,  all but confirmed that his latest brainchild Child of Eden would be 3D enabled when it ships for the PlayStation 3 later this year.

Mizuguchi spilled the stereoscopic beans during a live Q and A session at the Euro comic convention Kapow! Comic-Con, and while he didn’t directly say the game would support 3D, he was very enthuastic about the idea for at least the PlayStation 3 version (the XBox 360 version ships first this June with Kinect support).

Child of Eden’s trippy visuals would be well worth the wait for 3D in my opinion. Hey Miz, how about a 3D enabled Rez while you’re at it?

This Week in 3D (March 22nd, 2011)

Hey Boo Boo, what 3D flick stars Dan Aykryod and Justin Timberlake and is a complete train wreck? It doesn’t take the smarts of an above average bear to figure out Yogi Bear is the lone Blu-Ray 3D release this week. It’s on sale this week at Amazon for $29.99, but even at that price you might want to think twice and invest those 3D dollars towards a Nintendo 3DS.

Speaking of which, 3D gaming gets a huge push this week with the release of Nintendo’s 3D super handheld, and with over 15 launch titles, gamers have a lot to be excited about. Instead of posting images for every single release, you can check out the full list on Amazon by clicking this link. Frugal gamers take note – Toys R Us is running a Buy One Get One 50 percent off sale starting this Sunday.

PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 owners also have a big 3D release this week – Crysis 2 ships to retail fully 3D enabled. The verdict is still out on this futuristic shooter, but it’s PSN 3D demo is extremely underwhelming.

What 3D movies/games do you plan to pick up this week? Leave a comment below and remember, friends don’t let other friends buy Yogi Bear 3D.

This Week in 3D (March 8th, 2011)

PlayStation 3 owners are in for a 3D treat – the system has two big 3D enabled releases this week!

Batting lead off in this 3D line up is Sony’s MLB 2011 The Show. We got a sneak peak last year with a MLB 10 3D enabled demo, but starting today you can purchase the real deal in complete 3D glory.

Next up is a PlayStation Plus exclusive – a 3D enable Mortal Kombat demo. Players will finally be able to “test their might” in 3D. The full retail release is set for April 19th.

Dead Island – Late 90s Edition Trailer

Remember the late 90s? The Dreamcast was the hottest thing on the block, techno was king, and every game trailer featured Rob Zombie’s Dragula as it’s soundtrack…

I'm Holding Out for the Sequel - Dead Peninsula

With that theme, we’ve decided to make our own cut of the oh so popular Dead Island trailer that took the Internet by storm last week. Two times the speed, in reverse, toon shading, and of course – Dragula. Enjoy!

Original trailer source: IGN

Here Lies Guitar Hero… 2005 – 2011

Activision announced its plans to put the Guitar Hero franchise out to pasture, a move that will put over 500 of the publisher’s employees out of work.

Once the belle of the ball, the Guitar Hero franchise has continued to disappoint sale projections but a complete cancellation of a franchise is a real eye-opener for the rest of the video game industry.

No word yet if this means the complete death for the other Hero games, but if you were waiting for a Accordion Hero expansion you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.


Activision acquired RedOctane and the Guitar Hero rights back in 2006, since then the franchise has gone on to sell millions of plastic guitars that are now officially video game orphans.

Will the music genre ever bounce back? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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