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Top 5 Ices Brown Videos EVER.

Heeeey, what’s good boo boo? It only took those five magical words for me to fall completely in love with my pick for 2012’s Interweb star Ices Brown, that’s I-C-E-S B-R-O-W-N.

My sweet nubian princess, Ices Brown

So let’s get right to it, here’s my picks for the Top 5 Ices Brown videos EVER.

5. Super Bass/Motivation – My personal fave and a perfect introduction into the world of Ices. Holla!

4. Party Rock Anthem – Only two words are needed for this one – PARTY ROCK!

3. Whip My Hair – In this one Ices is going to be dancin’, just the way we like it!

2. Look At Me Now – Obviously one of Ices Brown’s early internet clips – the production quality on this one is top notch.

1. Ride – She got a lot of “requestes” and she always does it for her fans… Ladies and gentleman the top Ices Brown video EVER.

Sheen Wars – Episode Winning

Warlocks, vatican assassins, and smoking hotties,

We present to you the only Charlie Sheen video that counts.

Dead Island – Late 90s Edition Trailer

Remember the late 90s? The Dreamcast was the hottest thing on the block, techno was king, and every game trailer featured Rob Zombie’s Dragula as it’s soundtrack…

I'm Holding Out for the Sequel - Dead Peninsula

With that theme, we’ve decided to make our own cut of the oh so popular Dead Island trailer that took the Internet by storm last week. Two times the speed, in reverse, toon shading, and of course – Dragula. Enjoy!

Original trailer source: IGN

Real Life Mario Kart Returns

We featured Remi Gaillrad, France’s version of Jackass, a few weeks back for his wild video game antics, so when we heard he had a new video showcasing his daredevil feats we knew we had to share it.

Check our Remi Kart 2 – Remi Gaillard’s tribute to Mario Kart.

The Top 5 Remi Videos EVER

France’s version of Jackass, Remi Gaillard, almost makes up for the country completely bending over for the Nazis back in W-W-2… almost (because we here at DigitalNipples NEVER FORGET).

This week’s top 5 is a celebration of all things Remi. Enjoy!

5. Remi Kart (Mario Kart spoof) – A Remi classic, Mario Kart is a spoof video showcasing Remi doing what he does best, taking his wild antics out on the streets. Who hasn’t wanted to throw a real banana at oncoming traffic?! Remi’s sequel to this viral winner is scheduled to hit sometime this month – be sure to check back, and watch out for those red shells!

4. The Snail – Short and quick, The Snail proves Remi’s genius. Always good for a laugh.

3. Kangaroo – Remi went all out with the Kangaroo. This clip features Remi taking it to the streets in a marsupial costume. A little more mean spirited than his previous efforts, Kangaroo is worth watching just to see an unsuspecting golfer get his next to the water hazard. Good fun.

2. Best of Elevator – This is a nice collection of Remi’s various elevator bits.

1. Pac-Man – My favorite Remi video of all time. This one is pure comedy. As the title suggest, this video is all about our favorite pellet muncher, Pac-Man.

Bonus Remi!

Alright, we couldn’t pass this one up. While not quite Top 5 material, the fact the video sports a pair of digital nipples towards the beginning, the staff at DN had to include Saving Private Remi on the list.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition Arrives!

Here’s our short un-boxing video of LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 3 –

The bookends could have been made with better quality material, and the run-of-the-mill Sack Boy is a little disappointing, but for $79.99, LittleBigPlanet fans should enjoy the package.

Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

With the launch of Dead Space 2 on the horizon, EA has gone viral with a slick marketing stunt – have a group of older ladies speak their mind on images and video straight from the sometimes disturbing game.

Dead Space 2 ships for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 January 25th.

A Very Special DigitalNipples Christmas Special

This short, “Santa Claus has got the Aids this Year”, is from the upcoming 2011 production “A Very Special DigitalNipples Christmas Special”. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Kids, Don’t Put it in Your Mouth.

Another DigitalNipples original.

Viral Clip of the Week – Ridin’ Dirty.

Dear internets, I love you.

Tron 3.0 – Rick Gets His Lightcycle License

Slow news day? Yep. Check out this video I made with Disney’s Tron Facebook video maker

Kinect Adventures Theater – The Big Lebowski

It’s back!

Another Kinect Adventures Theater, this time a personal fave – The Big Lebowski.

Kinect Adventures Theater – Inglourious Basterds

One last update for the night – a final Kinect Adventures Theater.

This time it’s a short Inglourious Basterds tribute – Vingo, anyone?

Kinect Adventures Theater – Blue Velvet

Another Kinect Adventures Theater… this time it’s all about PABST BLUE RIBBON!

Kinect Adventures Theater – Pulp Fiction

Today’s episode of Kinect Adventures Theater was inspired by a good friend of mine, Levi Buchanan.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kinect Adventures Theater – Pulp Fiction.

Kinect Adventures Theater – Dirty Joke of the Week

The Notorious H.U.L.K.

Hulk Hogan has done it all – Wrestlemania, TV, Movies… and now Def Jam.

Alright, so this may not be one of those career moments that will be featured in Hulk’s updated True Hollywood Story, but showing your junk on camera while your daughter backs her thang up at the same time – well played, Mr. Hogan… well played.

Of course, you can also check out the first official DigitalNipples Def Jam Rapstar video recently featured on the Def Jam Community page…

Whatcha gona do Hogan when the DigitalNipples runs wild on you?!

Stop Kinectimals Abuse

A DigitalNipples original –

Viral Clip of the Week – Axe Wound Edition

This still might be the greatest song/music videos ever introduced on the net…



Dear Internet, even when I am under the weather, you continue to give…

Cupcake Cannon FTW!

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