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Top 5 Ices Brown Videos EVER.

Heeeey, what’s good boo boo? It only took those five magical words for me to fall completely in love with my pick for 2012’s Interweb star Ices Brown, that’s I-C-E-S B-R-O-W-N.

My sweet nubian princess, Ices Brown

So let’s get right to it, here’s my picks for the Top 5 Ices Brown videos EVER.

5. Super Bass/Motivation – My personal fave and a perfect introduction into the world of Ices. Holla!

4. Party Rock Anthem – Only two words are needed for this one – PARTY ROCK!

3. Whip My Hair – In this one Ices is going to be dancin’, just the way we like it!

2. Look At Me Now – Obviously one of Ices Brown’s early internet clips – the production quality on this one is top notch.

1. Ride – She got a lot of “requestes” and she always does it for her fans… Ladies and gentleman the top Ices Brown video EVER.

The Top 5 Star Wars Miis (3DS Edition)

The launch lineup wasn’t spectacular, it may give you headaches after extended play periods, but despite it’s shortcomings the Nintendo 3DS has launched here in the US and I’m having a blast tinkering with mine.

One unexpected treat has been the Mii Maker channel; a defining moment during the Wii’s initial launch cycle, creating Miis is still a fun diversion, and thanks to the 3DS’s QR code system, it’s never been easier to share your creations!

With that, I present to you the DigitalNipples Top 5 Star Wars Miis – complete with QR codes so you can import our creations right into your 3DS! (Just click any of the pictures to get a large scan-friendly version)


Insert Wookie Roar

Lando Calrissan

LL Cool L = Ladies Love Cool Lando


Golden Rod

Storm Trooper

He's a little short for a Storm Trooper

Admiral Ackbar

It's a trap!

The Sega Nintendo 3DS Dream Team

With the Nintendo 3DS launch less than one month away, we’re downright giddy with excitement over the possibilities of some of our favorite franchises getting the 3D enable treatment. Sega, one of Nintendo’s biggest third party supporters over the past few years, already has a handful of 3DS games on the way, but we wanted to jot down a dream list of games that we hope the publisher eventually gets to.

Fighters Mega-Mix

Before the world became obsessed with Super Smash Bros, Sega was the first video game publisher to gather its motley crew of mascots in a fighting game. Fighters Megamix for the Sega Saturn was a cult classic thanks to it’s over the top match-ups (Virtua Fighter kids versus a Daytona car?!) and insanely tight gameplay.

Fighters Megamix

A Fighters Megamix reboot would be the ultimate fan service for longtime Sega disciples. Forget kart racing, Sega’s deep roster of characters are perfect for a fighting game – the Virtua Fighter crew, Sonic, Shen Mue, even the Jet Set Radio posse would be welcome additions to a fighting genre that seems to be having a resurgence as of late. Include a playable Sega Blue logo again and we’re sold!

Ecco the Dolphin

One of our favorite Dreamcast games, Ecco the Dolphin would be the perfect fit on the Nintendo 3DS. Ecco’s focus on exploration and under-the-sea beauty screams for a 3D remake. The game could also use the 3DS’s tilt sensor for game play, making players feel the tension and flow of Ecco’s nautical adventures.

Swimming with Dolphins - It's Not Just for Slow Kids Anymore!

A 3D enable aquarium collecting all of Ecco’s virtual comrades could add more depth and replayability. Maybe Sega could throw in a dolphin translator mini game for giggles.


Let’s just pretend the Wii game never happened. A 3D re-imagining of one of our favorite Saturn franchises would look amazing on the 3DS, and the system’s new analog disc would work great for maneuvering through the world of Dreams.

OG Nights - We Expect Nothing Less

Sega can be conservative on this one – just remake the original and throw in a few seasonal changes ala Christmas Nights. No vehicles, no hub world and PLEASE no British female voice actors.

Crazy Taxi

Here’s another no-brainer. Crazy Taxi is the perfect pick up an play handheld title and deserves another shot in the spotlight. The recent downloadable version of the game isn’t enough Sega; put some effort in the port and do your best to get the game’s original brand sponsorships and soundtrack back. There’s nothing more satisfying then taking a fare to the local KFC and then pulling a 180 to swing back to the Levi’s store while listening to The Offspring.

Time For Some Crazy Fun!

The Nintendo 3DS Street Pass mode would be a great way to exchange player data and leader boards and navigating the streets of Crazy Taxi’s virtual San Francisco like city in 3d would produce millions of eye-gasms instantly.

Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia is our personal favorite Sega game that needs to be reborn as a 3DS title. Skies of Arcadia is one of those video game gems that never got it’s due thanks to the short lifespan of the Dreamcast and the fact that no one bought third party GameCube titles.

My Sky Pirate Wears Blue.

The RPG market has seen a handheld resurgence and now would be the perfect time for Sega to re-introduce the sky pirates to adventure hungry gamers. This is another franchise that doesn’t need a ton of time put into it to make it a success; remake the original, build a new audience and then work on the sequel. This cult classic deserves it Sega, make it so!

Chime in with your own Sega dream Nintendo 3DS project below in our comments secion na dlet your voice be heard!

Marvel Vs Capcom 3’s Missing Crew (Capcom Edition)

With almost 40 playable characters, Capcom is obviously trying its hardest to pack as many virtual brawlers as possible in its upcoming fighter mega-mix, Marvel Vs Capcom 3. While we completely appreciate the company’s efforts, there is always room for improvement.

This super nerd post is a listing of our 5 favorite Capcom characters that are suspiciously missing in action (Check out our Marvel Edition from a few week’s back). We’re trying to go original here, so only characters that have not appeared in a Versus title qualify for this list.


Samanosuke (Onimusha) – A shining gem of Capcom’s last generation efforts, the lead of the first Onimusha adventure would make excellent Marvel Vs Capcom fodder. Capcom already featured the samurai in the often overlooked Blade Warriors, so an appearance in the Versus series should be a given.

Samanosuke’s samurai sword would be his main weapon, but we wouldn’t mind seeing some bow or elemental attacks in the mix.


Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) – If anyone has a chance of making into the hopefully long list of upcoming DLC characters, everyone’s favorite portable lawyer Pheonix Wright has to be at the top of Capcom’s list. Mentioned in multiple interviews about the game, Mr. Wright’s  iconic look and “Objection” catch phrase would fit perfect in the Versus universe.

Phoenix Wright’s finishing move might be visually tricky to pull off, but our idea would see Phoenix literally “throwing the book” at his foes.


Edward Falcon (Power Stone) – Don’t remember Edward Falcon? This all American pilot was one of our favorite characters from the cult classic Dreamcast brawler Power Stone. Don’t let Falcon’s boyish looks fool you, once powered up, this red suited bruiser turned into an anime inspired mech that packed a serious punch with a barrage of heat tracking missiles that would swarm towards his competitors.

Honestly, any of the Power Stone crew would make fine additions to the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 roster – in fact, let’s get an official reboot going Capcom, this cult fighter deserves another day out in the sun!


Barry Burton (Resident Evil) – Did you really think we’d leave S.T.A.R.S. supply man Barry Burton off the list? Marvel Vs Capcom 3 may already feature the holy trinity of Resident Evil characters (Chris, Jill and Wesker say hi) but Barry’s awkward dialogue and bad-ass beard would be a welcome addition on the Capcom side of the line up.

Barry’s special and move set would be predicable but fun – all Capcom would need to do is take Barry’s Mercenaries Reunion animations and add those classic Burton-isms like “master of un-locking” and “You were almost a Jill sandwich”.


Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales) – Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. Sure, the richest duck in the world isn’t directly a Capcom character, but the NES classic DuckTales is one of our all time favorites and with Disney owning Marvel, licensing Mr. McDuck wouldn’t be the nightmare everyone would expect.

Scrooge would feature his signature cane/pogo stick as a weapon, and we’re sure oversized money bags would be the perfect visual punch for a super move. A guest appearance by Uncle Scrooge’s meddlesome nephews would be another nice addition, but if we don’t see a safe swimming ending scene they’ll be hell to pay!


Marvel Versus Capcom 3 arrives February 15th. Did we miss your favorite Marvel/Capcom star? Chime in with a comment and let your voice be heard!

The Top 5 Remi Videos EVER

France’s version of Jackass, Remi Gaillard, almost makes up for the country completely bending over for the Nazis back in W-W-2… almost (because we here at DigitalNipples NEVER FORGET).

This week’s top 5 is a celebration of all things Remi. Enjoy!

5. Remi Kart (Mario Kart spoof) – A Remi classic, Mario Kart is a spoof video showcasing Remi doing what he does best, taking his wild antics out on the streets. Who hasn’t wanted to throw a real banana at oncoming traffic?! Remi’s sequel to this viral winner is scheduled to hit sometime this month – be sure to check back, and watch out for those red shells!

4. The Snail – Short and quick, The Snail proves Remi’s genius. Always good for a laugh.

3. Kangaroo – Remi went all out with the Kangaroo. This clip features Remi taking it to the streets in a marsupial costume. A little more mean spirited than his previous efforts, Kangaroo is worth watching just to see an unsuspecting golfer get his next to the water hazard. Good fun.

2. Best of Elevator – This is a nice collection of Remi’s various elevator bits.

1. Pac-Man – My favorite Remi video of all time. This one is pure comedy. As the title suggest, this video is all about our favorite pellet muncher, Pac-Man.

Bonus Remi!

Alright, we couldn’t pass this one up. While not quite Top 5 material, the fact the video sports a pair of digital nipples towards the beginning, the staff at DN had to include Saving Private Remi on the list.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3’s Missing Crew (Marvel Edition)

With almost 40 playable characters, Capcom is obviously trying its hardest to pack as many virtual brawlers as possible in its upcoming fighter mega-mix, Marvel Vs Capcom 3. While we completely appreciate the company’s efforts, there is always room for improvement.

This super nerd post is a listing of our 5 favorite Marvel characters that are suspiciously missing in action. We’re trying to go original here, so only characters that have not appeared in a Versus title qualify for this list.


Hawkeye – With a rumored upcoming appearance in this summer’s Thor flick and a co-starring role in next year’s Avengers, Clint Barton A.K.A. Hawkeye should have been a lock in for Marvel Vs Capcom 3. This O.G. Avenger’s moves would have been easy to implement – there’s always room for projectile sluggers in Capcom’s over-the-top fighting games.

Hawkeye’s special move? A barrage of explosive arrows is the easy pick, but maybe a few signature trick arrows would be better fan service. A Ronin skin swap would just be icing on the cake.


Daredevil – The man without fear would be a perfect fit for the Marvel Vs Capcom universe. A master of hand-to-hand combat, Daredevil could also carry his custom built billy club that screams 40 hit combo! Daredevil’s special move should highlight the fact that our hero is blind – maybe a lights-out “justice is blind” combo?

Matt Murdock deserves a spot – maybe a Pheonix Wright Versus Matt Murdock court room battle is in order?


Kingpin – The Versus games always seem to be lacking in the villain department, and who better to fill the baddie void then larger-than-life Wilson Fisk A.K.A The Kingpin. A nemesis to both Spider-man and Daredevil, Kingpin’s size and girth would work well in the world of medium sized grapplers.

Kingpin may not sport any real “super” powers, but his huge hands could be force to be reckoned with in close quarters.


Black Widow – Another M.I.A. Avenger, the Black Widow should have spun her way into the Versus universe a long time ago. Natalia Romanova has been a long time staple of the Marvel comic world and with a recent silver screen spot in Iron Man 2, she’s the fem fatale fan boys have been clamoring for.

Another martial arts master, Widow could use her brawn and brains to take opponents down. Maybe Natalia deserves a leg heavy grapple for a finishing move?

Oh, and including the Widow on this list gives us a reason to post a pic of the amazingly hot Scarlett Johansen…

Wow Wa Wee Wa!


Norman Osborn – This is a no-brainer. The original Green Goblin, Norman Osborn is the ultimate villain that is literally howling to be included in the Versus series. Pumpkin bombs, the goblin glider – Mr. Osborn’s arsenal is both impressive and deadly.

If anyone deserves a spot as the next DLC character, the Green Goblin needs to be at the top of Capcom’s list. A Spidey versus Green Menace grudge match would just be dreamy.


And that was the first edition of The Forgotten Few – Marvel Vs Capcom 3’s Missing Crew. Check back next week for our thoughts on the Capcom side of the roster – the NES, PlayStation, Dreamcast and Handheld eras will all be well represented.

Have your own Marvel brawler that didn’t make the list? Chime in with a comment and let your voice be heard!

Top 5 Banned iPhone Apps EVER

Today’s update is short but sweet – the Top 5 Banned iPhone Apps EVER. This list of banned iPhone Apps is filled with sex, money and… shaken babies?


Click for the Top 5 Banned iPhone Apps EVER

The Top 5 Dougie Videos EVER

I updated the site this last week professing my love and obsession with Def Jam Rapstar and it’s community site where gamers can upload their performances for others to enjoy. Since then, I’ve delved into the wonderful world of hip hop culture and was introduced to the magic of the “Dougie”, the hottest dance sensation since the Surra De Bunda (wink, wink).

The following videos are the best of the best Teach Me How to Dougie videos I could find… enjoy!

5. The Indian Teach Me How to Dougie

There are a surprising amount of Bollywood Dougies out there but this is by far the most creative.

Click for more Dougie!

Top 5 Ian McKellen Impression Videos EVER

I present you the Top 5 Ian McKellen Impression Videos EVER performed by the talented Hunter Davis.

Here Mr. Davis recites the lyrics to the wonderful Fresh Prince of Bel-Air –

Click for more Ian McKellen love!

The Top 5 Auto-Tune the News EVER

Today’s Top 5 list is a countdown of the best Auto-Tunes the News found on the web. Never heard an Auto-Tune the News? Think T-Pain meets your local news all mixed into one!

Enjoy, and keep checking back for more.

Click for more Auto-Tune the News

The Top 5 Whooty Videos EVER

I was recently introduced to the amazing world of whooty videos – what’s a whooty?  Simply put, it’s a white girl with a booty.

Check out the top 5 whooty videos right here on… daddy must be proud –

Thank you internet.

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