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Pssst – The Passion is Back!

Oh Internet, I have missed thee.

DigitalNipples is back!

2011 – The Year of the Nipple

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2010 was the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. DigitalNipple, and while we hit a few storms, 2011 should be huge.

Just a few DigitalNipples facts for 2010:

  • DigitalNipples YouTube Channel has hit over 130,000 views! One of my favorite comments included “I think most your stuff sucks but that made me laugh!”
  • has an average of 1,000 views a day. Not huge, but it’s a foundation. Can’t wait to really put some unique content on the site to keep those views coming in!

And now a few goals for 2011:

  • More trade show coverage! I wont be able to make it to CES, but GDC, E3, Comic-con and PAX are all on the agenda this year.
  • More content. I recently made a career change, and this will make putting more time into DigitalNipples that much more of a reality.
  • And finally… a podcast. I’ve been laying the ground work, and it’s about time the DigitalNipples podcast sees the light of day – stayed tuned!

Again, this site couldn’t be what it is without the loyal readers and friends that check into the site every so often… so keep it up, and tell a friend – 2011 is the Year of the Nipple!

The DigitalNipples Man Cave

Since it’s the video game slow season, I thought I’d do a mini-update tonight with a glimpse into the official DigitalNipples Man Cave.

First up – “The Lounge”

The Lounge

This corner of the man cave is all about sitting back, listening to some tunes, and playing a little Donkey Kong Jr.

Next – “The Hub”

The Hub

The Hub is the heart of the DigitalNipples man cave. Featuring a 60 in 3D TV and an extensive library of Wii, 360 and PlayStation 3 games; this gaming center is where I do a majority of my “work”. Which leads to…

“The Library”

The Library

Blu-Rays, HD-DVDs, 360 and PS3 games mostly fill my gaming library, along with an old arcade favorite – Off Road!

“The Playground”

The Playground

The most controversial and talked about area of the man cave, “The Playground” features a professional “fireman’s pole” along with a mini shrine to the king.

“What Happens in the Man Cave…”

What Happens in the Man Cave...

Our final destination is the fully functional Jet Set Radio video slot machine rigged to take DigitalNipple tokens.

“Bonus 360 View”

360 View

This final snapshot is a 360 degree shot of the whole experience. It’s a little broken, but gives you an idea what the Man Cave is all about.

And that my friends was the quick tour of the DigitalNipples Man Cave. Hope you enjoyed it… maybe a YouTube video is in order.

A Very Special DigitalNipples Christmas Special

This short, “Santa Claus has got the Aids this Year”, is from the upcoming 2011 production “A Very Special DigitalNipples Christmas Special”. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Please Stand By…

This machine is out of order...

It’s been a wild ride the past few weeks, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the updates have been few and far between.

DON’T PANIC – DigitalNipples will be back bigger and better.  More reviews, daily updates and a few surprises are in store so stay with us – it will be worth the wait!

Support DigitalNipples!

GameFly is one of DigitalNipples official sponsors and now that they have a $5.95 plan it’s the best deal in town! Forget buying all those games, try them first through GameFly!

The DigitalNipples Store is Open!

DigitalNipples – specializing in hardware, software and menswear… Check out the newly renovated DigitalNipples Company Store, were you can find the latest and greatest in DigitalNipples branded merchandise.  Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find inside –

The DigitalNipples Trucker Hat - Only $12!

There’s also a link to our exclusive Amazon store with al kinds of gadgets and media… keep checking back, we get new merchandise every week!

Click here to check out the full catalog at the DigitalNipples Official Company Store!

Big Site News Incoming!

Just a quick “state of” update tonight  – DigitalNipples is going through some changes, and I hope you’re all in for the ride.  The first major refinement is our official logo –

DigitalNipples Seal of Approval

Out with the Donkey Kong and in with the DigitalNipple.  You’ll see this little guy pop up from time to time as our official brand.  Expect the DigitalNipples Store to feature a wide variety of wearable offerings sporting this ultra cool logo soon! (thanks again to “the forest of sheep” for the logo)

Second is the overall focus of the site.  The staff at DigitalNipples truly feels 3D is the future of the game and entertainment industry so we are going to focus more content in that direction.  We will still try our best at the humor, but web traffic is pointing to 3D, so that’s where we’re going.  Expect DigitalNipples to become your number one source for the PlayStation 3-D and Nintendo 3DS!

DigitalNipples... in 3D!

Thanks again for making the site what it is today.  And please, keep sending in your feedback – we love hearing from you!

PS – Just the Tip will return next week with a vengeance, stay tuned!

Epic Mickey Month Is Coming….

It's Going to Be an Epic September!

Friends of DigitalNipples

DigitalNipples would not be where it’s at today without support from friends and family that frequent the site and voice their feedback… and it’s time for DigitalNipples to give back!

Today’s Friends of DigitalNipples is all about our friend Nick’s fitness/fun mega site Yanofit promises to deliver simple advice that will make you feel better and get more fit… sounds good to me!

And any site that’s first post features this awesome pic is full of win in our book –

Smile - YanoFit Has Arrived!

Have a website you’d like to see featured on DigitalNipples? Hit that Contact link and shoot us an email with your suggestions!

40,000 YouTube Viewers Can’t Be Wrong

Yet another site update – DigitalNipples is proud to announce our YouTube channel has now gathered over 40,000 views! It was just barely a month ago we were celebrating 25,000 – amazing! Thanks to each and every one of you that has made this almost overnight success possible, and keep spreading the love!

Haven’t checked out the DigitalNipples YouTube channel? Just click on this link and enjoy!

A New Sponsor!

Looking for a geeky gift for that special someone in your life? DigitalNipples is proud to announce our latest sponsor –! Just click the link below to check out this amazing collection of nerd warez… and remember, RickMas is only 10 months away!

ThinkGeek Use Your Brain

Support DigitalNipples!

Mustache Month is Catching On!

We’re only 3 days into Mustache Month and we’re already getting some great submissions for the coveted Mustache of the Year award…

The League of Extraordinary Mustaches

Click for more ‘stache action

25,000 YouTube Fans Can’t Be Wrong!

Ladies and gentlemen…

Just a quick site update.  DigitalNipples has been chugging along for 2 months now and I’m happy to announce we just hit the 25,000 view mark on our YouTube channel!  Haven’t seen the DigitalNipples YouTube channel yet?  Check it out!

He's watching.

As always, thank you our loyal readers and viewers and expect much more to follow!  I have a couple contest planned over the next few months and am also planning on launching a true weekly DigitalNipples video series/podcast by the end of September.  Stay tuned!

Transmission Begin.

DigitalNipples went offline for a bit but… we’re back!  Expect loads of updates soon including our first annual Best of E3 Awards and more.

We're baaack!

Off to E3…

Road trip! DigitalNipples is taking a few days off to enjoy the sights and sounds of E3 2010. Expect lots of pics on the Twitter feed, but as far as updates from the show, don’t hold your breath. DigitalNipples will be chasing down a whole slew of stories to keep you entertained for weeks after E3 – just keep checking back for more!

Transmission Incoming…

This week on DigitalNipples:

  • Smashburger Folsom Review
  • Mitsubishi 60C9 3D TV Review
  • E3 Rumor Report

And a whole lot more!  Keep checking back, and as always thanks again for stopping by!

Final Chance for 50 Percent Off!!

As always, thanks for supporting DigitalNipples!

It’s Official!

“You will not believe the last few seconds of this video review. Rick Mears is the coolest guy in the universe. Who actually has one of those?”

PadRacer’s Official Website

Where do I get that T-shirt made?!  “Rick Mears is the coolest guy in the universe”.  The real question here is are they talking about the Super Off Road machine or the stripper pole?!

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