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The Vader Burger!

What happens when you mix good old Lucasfilm marketing with a crap load of food dye? The Vader burger! To celebrate the re-release the equally gag inducing Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, a French burger chain is letting Star Wars nerds choose which side of the force they are loyal to with their taste buds.

The Vader Burger!

Luckily, this ghastly dark side burger is a France exclusive… for now.

Top 5 Ices Brown Videos EVER.

Heeeey, what’s good boo boo? It only took those five magical words for me to fall completely in love with my pick for 2012’s Interweb star Ices Brown, that’s I-C-E-S B-R-O-W-N.

My sweet nubian princess, Ices Brown

So let’s get right to it, here’s my picks for the Top 5 Ices Brown videos EVER.

5. Super Bass/Motivation – My personal fave and a perfect introduction into the world of Ices. Holla!

4. Party Rock Anthem – Only two words are needed for this one – PARTY ROCK!

3. Whip My Hair – In this one Ices is going to be dancin’, just the way we like it!

2. Look At Me Now – Obviously one of Ices Brown’s early internet clips – the production quality on this one is top notch.

1. Ride – She got a lot of “requestes” and she always does it for her fans… Ladies and gentleman the top Ices Brown video EVER.

You’re a Smelly Pirate Hooker

Tonight’s update is short and sweet, because…

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone? Nothing says “I love you completely” more than a hand stitched ode to the love of your life…

Stay classy, Interwebs.

The DigitalNipples Book Club

I don’t know what I want to read more, this or “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open?”

Why I Own a Mac

Dollar Bill Fun

My second most favorite thing to do with a one dollar bill:

Kinectimals with Bears!

Not quite sure where Microsoft is going with this one…

Jennifer Aniston Shows How to Eat Fruit

Check out this still of former Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, getting intimate with a banana.


The pic is from Aniston’s new comedy Horrible Bosses, where she plays a sex deprived boss that is put on a hit list by her inferiors.

During the flick she also shows the proper way to eat both a popsicle and hot dog – ladies, take notes:


Coconut Frappuccinos Have Arrived!

Geek Wear – Chewie-Kun

Domo, Japan’s manners mascot is awesome enough on his own, but may have just created the greatest combo since peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (don’t knock it till you try it).

* Wet Wookie Scent Sold Separately

Meet the Chewie-Kun t-shirt. This 100 percent cotton brown shirt of greatness will only put you back $19.99, and is sure to bump up your rank at the weekly Star Wars fan club meeting you secretly attend at the local Fuddruckers.

Who am I kidding? Put this ode to the greatest wingman of all time on and you’ll have the ladies begging to prove that you can do the Kessel run in less then 12 parsecs.

Want a Chewie-Kun of your very own? Check out, but better act quick, the XXLs are almost gone!

Sheen Wars – Episode Winning

Warlocks, vatican assassins, and smoking hotties,

We present to you the only Charlie Sheen video that counts.

Pat Robertson Upset Over Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

700 Club founder Pat Robertson has voiced his displeasure with Capcom’s latest brawlfest Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. “Capcom has purposely ignored our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in their final lineup of fighters” Pat continued during a recent rant “Why is the fate of two worlds in the hands of second rate gods like Thor and Amaterasu when it’s obvious Jesus should have been made playable?”

When asked to comment, Thor, the god of thunder, only had this to say “Jesus? We cool.”

Capcom has decided to honor Robertson’s demands and will include Jesus in an upcoming DLC pack. Capcom wouldn’t comment on which version of Jesus would be playable, but early production work indicates 3D Jesus will at least be an alternative costume.


Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is now available for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

Real Life Mario Kart Returns

We featured Remi Gaillrad, France’s version of Jackass, a few weeks back for his wild video game antics, so when we heard he had a new video showcasing his daredevil feats we knew we had to share it.

Check our Remi Kart 2 – Remi Gaillard’s tribute to Mario Kart.

Sometimes You Can’t Make This S%*t Up

A recent Craigslist ad for a Call of Duty Not-So-Black Ops party. Hey, he’s just looking for 5 other dudes to kick it with at his mom’s house…

Click to enlarge and enjoy.

A Pie Chart Full of Win

Source: @Fowler_IGN

Nintendo Takes It Back – The 3DS is Just Fine for 6 Year Olds

In a surprising move, Nintendo of America announced their earlier statement that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS should not be played in 3D by children under the age of 6 was completely blown out of proportion.

Little Timmy has Been Playing the 3DS and He's Doing Great!

Why the change of heart? Reggie Fills-a-Something, Nintendo of America’s chosen one (and creator of the Bigfoot pizza), explains. “We at Nintendo want to help the economy and optomerty industry by introducing a brand new handheld that everyone can go cross-eyed over.” Reggie continued, “Come on, do you really think kids will be able to resist Pokemanz in 3D?!”

Reggie - Creator of the Bigfoot Pizza and Majority Stock Owner of Lenscrafters.

The Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to ship to retailers this March. Nintendo is expected to send out checks for one dollar and nine cents soon after Reggie gets his red billiards room and stuffed llama.

Merry Christmas!

Now enjoy these funny cat pics!

Look like Kitty's holiday wishes came true.

The truth will set you free.

Tron Cat FTW

That's all folks!

A Very Special DigitalNipples Christmas Special

This short, “Santa Claus has got the Aids this Year”, is from the upcoming 2011 production “A Very Special DigitalNipples Christmas Special”. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Kids, Don’t Put it in Your Mouth.

Another DigitalNipples original.

Sorry Kid…

Must be this tall to ride.

Kyle's life peaked at the young age of 3.

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