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Disney Epic Mickey Dated

November 30th, 2010

Mark those calendars – November 30th, 2010 will be Epic Mickey day.

Disney Interactive may have given Entertainment Weekly the exclusive trailer (we aren’t bitter or anything, but does anyone really check out for gaming news?), but the rest of the net got a press release announcing the official launch date of the upcoming blockbuster Wii game.

Check out DigitalNipples previous Epic Mickey coverage here and stay “toon”ed for more!

Epic Mickey Month – Making Of Epic Mickey

Today’s epic update is a short Making Of clip taken directly form Disney Interactive’s official Epic Mickey website –

Epic Mickey Month – Teaser Trailer

Check out this original teaser trailer for Disney’s Epic Mickey –

Pretty amazing stuff!  Keep checking back for more Epic Mickey Month right here at DigitalNipples!

Epic Accessory!

Click to Buy!

Amazon has updated their Epic Mickey shop with this insanely awesome Epic Mickey Paint Brush controller!  Do want!

Epic Mickey Month – Humble Beginnings

September is Epic Mickey Month here at DigitalNipples!  Every few days we plan on updating the site with random bits and morsels of all things Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii – Warren Spector’s amazing upcoming platforming adventure starring Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

And what better way to kick of Disney’s Epic Mickey month than with a origin story!  Disney’s Epic Mickey has had a long development cycle and has change quite a bit since it’s original steampunk flavored beginnings… check this out –

Not Your Typical Disney Concept Art

Your eyes don’t deceive you – Epic Mickey’s first appearance showed up mysteriously on the internet mid 2009 – thanks to an archived NeoGaf thread here’s that original sneak peak!


Check out more Epic Mickey Concept Art!

That is One Epic Collector’s Edition! – NOW ON AMAZON!

It won over our hearts at E3, was featured recently in video form right here on DigitalNipples, and now Disney Epic Mickey has done it again!

This amazingly epic collector’s edition of the game is being offered on pre-order via Amazon and we’ll be the first ones in line to snatch one up come November.


This special edition of Epic Mickey is listed as including the following:

  • Epic Mickey Wii
  • Making of Epic Mickey DVD
  • Mickey Mouse statue
  • Epic Mickey Wii controller and system skins

Prima also announced plans to ship a hardcover edition of their Epic Mickey strategy guide this holiday season – so you Mickey hoarders better start saving now!

Epic Mickey Month Is Coming….

It's Going to Be an Epic September!

Epic Mickey’s Epic Intro!

There’s a reason why we picked Epic Mickey for the Wii as our DigitalNipples’ Game of E3 – and after checking out this entirely epic intro, we guarantee you’ll be sold on the idea too!

Epic Mickey is due this November exclusively for the Nintendo Wii!

Click for more Epic Mickey!

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