Just the Tip – August 31, 2011

This post is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Greatest Banana Pic EVER

Today’s Just the Tip is all about the nutritional value of one of my favorite foods – the banana.  Did you know that the banana not only is a great source of potassium, but also has been proven to fend off colorectal and breast cancer?

Nature’s phallic gift to mankind are native to the south pacific but have been since cultivated in over 107 countries.  The most common variety is the dessert banana that we all know and love, but there are over 1000 types of bananas grown throughout the world.

No caption needed.

Athletes often use bananas to replenish electrolytes, which, by the way, gives me an excuse to post this pic on the site…

Ladies, there's no proper way to eat a banana...

So remember, a banana each day keeps the rectal cancer doctor away!

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