Just the Tip – August 30, 2010

Today’s tip is a shopping list of sorts – the top 5 things you never want to purchase together when at the grocery store. That’s right, we’ve compiled a special list of things you should never buy in combination with each other… unless, of course, you want to freak out your local register monkey.


5. Snicker bars and needles/razor blades – This one seems obvious, but can get awesome reactions around Halloween time. Just don’t make eye contact to get the ultimate effect. A quick fact – since 1959 there have been only 80 reported cases of sharp objects in candy, and a good 75 percent were hoaxes.

Beano - Nah, Bean-yes!

4. Strawberries, Whip Cream, Condoms and Beano – Beano by itself?  Funny.  Mixed with this combo though and you have the ultimate weekend party in a bag… and one disgusted checkout worker.

3. A gallon of rum, dixie cups and/or baby bottles – A must have for potential parents.

2. KY + Anything = funny. Nothing is more awkward that buying a bottle of KY – that is until you mix a summer sausage or phallic vegetable into the equation.


1. Duct tape with any combination of tarp/shovel – Again, lack of eye contact is key to pull this one off.  Just expect to see a sketch of yourself on the locals news the next day.

And remember, Just the Tip!

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