3DS StreetPass at WonderCon 2011

This weekend I made my first pilgrimage to WonderCon – the Bay Area’s largest annual comic book convention. I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with comics since ordering my first pair of x-ray glasses from the back of The Amazing Spider-Ham, but it was the convention’s video game offerings that finally forced me to make the trip.

Amongst the hundreds of comic stands, poster corrals and anime doll shops, a few video game publishers decided to have some floor presence this year. Nintendo and Capcom both had decent size booths showcasing mostly their upcoming Nintendo 3DS products, so I figured it be the perfect formula to ignite my very own Nintendo 3DS’s dormant StreetPass mode.

Before I delve to far into my StreetPass experiences, let me just say WonderCon was almost too overwhelming. I’ve been to over 10 E3s but nothing could prepare me for the sheer crowd size and shoulder to shoulder browsing that made it almost impossible to really enjoy the experience.

Image Courtesy of popculturegeek.com

Despite the crowds, I managed to trek past the Nintendo and Capcom booths a few times in hope of snagging a few StreetPass tags, and I’m happy to report, my StreetPass mission was a complete success! My first walk through garnered a whopping 10 connections in just a 15 minute period and by the end of the day I was extremely happy to find 0ver 30 new Miis in lingering around my StreetPass plaza.

My StreetPass Homies

Thanks to the above pictured fellow Nintendo 3DS owners I was able to conquer two more Find Mii dungeons and complete two 3D puzzles. One StreetPass game I wasn’t successful in was Super Street Fighter IV 3D; I found fellow Street Fighters just fine, but I got my ass handed to me via the game’s figure collection mode. My Street Fighter StreetPass record is an embarrassing 2 Wins – 14 Loses; time to go back to the drawing board for that game’s strategy.

Another surprise I discovered this morning is that my Ridge Racer save file ended up picking up some StreetPass racers too! After popping the cartridge in, I noticed a green dot above Ridge Racer’s icon, and after navigating to the game’s StreetPass Duel mode it was refreshing to see 4 new Duels and 8000 StreetPass bonus points awarded.

Overall I was super impressed with how the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass features worked with little to no effort. After a post week depression of not finding any StreetPass Miis locally, it was nice to see my StreetPass plaza populate almost instantaneously with fellow early adaptors. I’ll still be carrying around my 3DS daily in hopes of another chance encounter, but now I’m counting down the days till this year’s E3 – Los Angeles Convention Center here I come!

Just for those who are curious, my 3DS StreetPass name is DigitalNps – if you happen to run into me virtually be sure to leave a comment and say hi – my greeting includes a little plug for the site.

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  1. Nice, Im having a hard time finding any Miis in San Francisco. So far only one. There is a StreetPass SF happening in San Francisco on the April 9th. Its being organize of Facebook.

  2. As you may or may not know, there is an organization that holds StreetPass meet ups, gatherings and events all over the world. StreetPassNetwork (SPN) has over 300 groups worldwide with thousands of members on Facebook. StreetPass Day is on the 25th of June and there are a ton of events being held by SPN. There is an event at almost every major city in the US.

    If you live in the San Francisco area, there will be an event at the Japantown Peace Plaza (pagoda courtyard) in Downtown San Francisco, CA. StreetPass SF will be hosting the event and will bring along a 10 foot functional AR Card made by himself and StreetPass IE (Inland Empire). The Giant AR Card was revealed during E3.

    There will be a Mario Kart Tournament with Prizes and givaways!!! please LIKE the facebook page of your city and attend the events to earn more StreetPasses, SSFIV3D Trophy Battles, Find Mii companions, and Puzzle Pieces!!!!!

    Please check out StreetPass SF’s page to see the prizes and giveaways for it’s events!!!

    add and like us http://facebook.com/StreetPass.SF
    find your city here http://streetpassnetwork.com
    SF, CA event http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=208484059193181

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