Nintendo Talks 3DS Built-In Software

Nintendo’s always informative Iwata Asks Web portal has been updated. This time Nintendo’s main man Iwata hosted a round table discussion consisting of the talented group of developers that created the Nintendo 3DS system’s built in software.

Nothing ground breaking was revealed, but a few interesting tidbits included the origin of StreetPass and the Nintendo 3DS camera.

Iwata had this to say about the company’s decision making process  “Nintendo is a unique company. Takahashi-san directed Tomodachi Collection4, and lots of players liked it, but we didn’t tell him to “Go make a sequel right away!” Iwata continued “Instead, we abruptly stuck him on the menu team for the Nintendo 3DS system, made him chairman of the Built-in Features Section Meeting, and had him work on the HOME menu along with the rest of the UI (User Interface) team.”

During the session the team hinted at the chance of seeing more 3DS built-in apps in the future, as there were a ton of ideas left on the drawing board.

Takahashi joked “Whenever people see something fun, you know, they want very much to show it to their friends and family. So we decided to incorporate that sort of element into the built-in features for the Nintendo 3DS system. However, we got a lot of suggestions, and they just kept coming, and it turned into something enormous.”

The entire conversation can be read on Nintendo’s official Iwata Ask Website. What are your favorite built-in features of the Nintendo 3DS? Chime in with a comment below!

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